Citivet-Mobile Veterinary Service


Professional and experienced Veterinary home call service direct from our veterinary hospital



Established in 1992, Citivet is one of the first mobile home call vet services in Sydney. 


Mobile Vet visits carried out in the comfort of your home.


Health checks, Vaccinations, Dental checks, Geriatric pet care, At home gentle,peaceful pet euthanasia,Weight control, Appropriate exercise advice, Arthritis treatment and much more 


No stress for your much loved pets



As Vets, we own and operate our own fully  licensed Veterinary Hospital



Popular for compassionate Peaceful Pet at home euthanasia


We have decades of experience in counseling you through this heart wrenching process and carrying out peaceful dog euthanasia or peaceful cat euthanasia in a none stressed home environment. We can also organize Dog cremation or cat cremation. 



Ideal for handicapped pet lovers.



Ideal for old aged facilities with companion animals.



Ideal for pet lovers without transport.



 Ideal for dog behavior consults.


Ideal for pets that do not like going to the vet.


Veterinary House Call service has proved to be very popular.



Please make an appointment well in advance.



For an appointment during consulting hours






 Mobile Veterinary Service

Peaceful home euthanasia for terminally sick pet

second opinions