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Dental disease leads to bad mouth odour. We call this halitosis. This makes your pet un-kissable. ; ) If your pet has halitosis, do not neglect it's teeth. If you do, gum & dental  disease will get worse and lead to ill health. They will lose teeth

Dental health is most important.

Pets with healthy mouths generally live longer

 Have your pets teeth cleaned professionally by our highly trained and experienced team. 


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Dentals start at $299 to $399 for grade 1 periodontal disease


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Emergency Vet service available.



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9326 2666



118 Oxford Street,
Woollahra 2025


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Monday - Friday: 9am - 7pm


Saturday 10am - 1pm   5pm - 7pm

Sunday   10am - 1pm    5pm - 7pm


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Saturday 10 am - 1 pm    5pm - 7pm

Sunday 10am -  1pm        5pm - 7pm


                        Phone 9326-2666 for an appointment.


Out of hours emergency vet service.


9351-3437 SAVES (Sydney University.)

9371-6959  East side vet.

9889-0289 SASH. 

9436-4884 North Shore Veterinary Hospital

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