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Dental disease leads to bad mouth odour. We call this halitosis. This makes your pet un-kissable. ; ) If your pet has halitosis, do not neglect it's teeth. If you do, gum & dental  disease will get worse and lead to ill health. They will lose teeth

Dental health is most important.

Pets with healthy mouths generally live longer

 Have your pets teeth cleaned professionally by our highly trained and experienced team. 


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We carry out dentals daily


Dentals start at $299 to $399 for grade 1 periodontal disease


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Veteerinary Services: 

We Prevent, Diagnose, Treat.   

Medical checks





Behavior & Puppy Classes
Emergency Veterinary Service available.
Veterinary Specialist Service available.


Medical Checks:

A Year in a dog or cats life is like seven of our own. Bearing this in mind, we at Centennial Park Veterinary Hospital consider it short sighted for us humans to get ourselves examined by a medical doctor once every seven years, Or for that matter, to go to a dentist once every seven years.

We believe your pets should have a general check up twice a year. 

Wee will spend time with you and your much loved pet, during which a full examination will be carried out and your pets needs discussed. No ten minute consulting here. It takes time to evaluate and make a diagnosis and if necessary  to institute a treatment protocol. 



At Centannial Park Veterinary Hospital we have all the routine vaccines available that are necessary to help ensure that your pet is protected. From Puppies and Kittens to geriatric pets, we tailor vaccination protocols accordingly.

Poly-valent vaccines have been given annually for decades and have ensured that pets have been extremely well protected. We no longer see diseases like Distemper at our hospitals. Just as well, as it is a particularly nasty disease for which there is no cure.  Dr. Ivor Sandler has seen many of these cases when he started out as a newly qualified vet.

There are areas in Australia in which distemper is diagnosed and it only takes exposure to one of these cases for the disease to start re appearing in an unprotected canine community.
Parvo Virus raised it's ugly head in the early 1980s and spread to dogs world wide. Prior to this, Parvo was never diagnosed, so new diseases can appear.


In the last 18 months cases of Leptospirosis have been diagnosed in Sydney. This can be a life threatening disease which is most commonly contracted by drinking water from puddles or water reservoirs contaminated with infected rat urine, ingesting infected dead rats, rat bites, etc. It has a vgery high mortality rate. It is also a zoonosis. This means it can be transferred from animals to humans. It is prudent to include this vaccination in your dog's vaccination program.


If you dog has not been vaccinated for Leptospirosis, he or she will need two vaccines one month apart. Call us on 9326-2666 for further info.

Australia is currently Rabies free and enforces a strict quarantine policy to keep it out. Rabies is another nasty that can be transmitted to different animals and is a Zoonosis ( can be transmitted to humans.)

Feline leukemia and Feline immunodeficiency virus is being diagnosed more and more. A vaccinated pet population is essential.

Leptospirosis has been diagnosed in a number of cases in the Eastern Suburbs and Lower North Shore of Sydney.


This disease is life threatening to your dogs and People (Zoonosis) It is contracted through exposure to urine and other excretment from rats. There is a vaccination available against this and should be included in your pups/dogs vaccination protocol. Ask us.

We advise an annual check up where we can discuss & tailor a protocol for your pet. During this time Heart worm Prevention will be discussed.

De-sexing or Spaying :


Single Port de-sexing - Key Hole Surgery.


At Citivet we advise de-sexing/ speyingat 6 to 8  months of age for puppies and kittens.

De-sexing is considered a routine procedure. It is not. It involves much more than just being routine.

It takes considerable expertise.


We offer a same day service. Check in, in the morning,check out by  late afternoon. 


Desexing your puppy or kitten earlier than 6 months is not advisable.


There is a dynamic interplay of hormones and growth taking place. This effects your puppy or kitten's growth, bone formation, joint strength and ligaments.


It is much more risky to place young kittens and puppies under anesthesia.

Call us for more information on  



As with all our procedures, your much loved family pet's  safety, comfort and rapid recovery is paramount.

All our surgeries are given pain relief and are up and about soon after the surgery has been completed. We will carry out a post operative check up five days after surgery and sutures will be removed after another five days on average. We do not charge any extra for this service. 


Veterinary Single Port Key Hole Surgery.


Key hole surgery is a term


We have been carrying out veterinary single port key hole surgery for more than 30 years. i.e. Making a very small single incision that's much less invasive and much more comfortable. 

Traditional Single Port Veterinary key hole surgery is not the same as human key hole surgery. 


Endoscopic de-sexing or laparoscopic de-sexing, which may be referred to as key hole de-sexing,  is carried out with an endoscope and is not the choice procedure carried out by most veterinary surgeons. This means making two or three  incisions in your pets belly.


An endoscope is used. It takes longer to heal than our procedure and can be more risky.

Any Vet can buy an endoscope & recommend endoscopic de-sexing or laparoscopic de-sexing as being superior to Single Port surgery.


Human surgeons using these instruments are highly trained and skilled  individuals. More than 10 years of experience before they are "let loose" on the public. Human operating theaters are manned by experts in each field. Nurses, Anesthesiologists, etc.

Vets do not have that sort of set up, unless of course it's a specialist facility.

Endoscopic de-sexing entails forcing gas into the abdomen to allow easy visualization (On a monitor) of the

intra-abdominal structures. Sometimes this gas can escape into the surrounding tissues and muscles and can cause pain and discomfort post-operatively.

If your pets diaphragm is compromised in any way( i.e. has a small hole or opening) , gas can enter the chest cavity and result in the collapsing of the lungs.

Manipulating  scopes and instruments of this kind can injure or rupture organs and the intestines in the abdomen. The endoscopic technique is not a complete technique in that portions that are normally removed, are left behind. Vets using this technique carry out a partial procedure and not a complete de-sexing procedure


In our opinion, the single port de-sexing technique  is the procedure of choice. Its also far more cost effective

to you, the pet owner

Our single port spays are 100% successful and recover rapidly. 


Male dogs and cats should be desexed at the same age as females.


Call us now to make an appointment or for advice on our "veterinary single port key hole desexing procedure"





Citivet or Centennial Park Veterinary Hospital is licensed by the Veterinary Board Of NSW to carry out advanced & complicated surgeries
Dr. Ivor is an experienced veterinary surgeon, having carried out thousands of surgeries during his career. From minor soft tissue surgeries to involved and intricate surgeries, including advanced orthopedics.
Centennial Park Veterinary Hospital has an excellently equipped operating theatre. Our anesthesia protocol has been well tested and our safety record is impeccable. We have the latest modern monitoring equipment. The safety of your loved pets is paramount.
We maintain a standard of excellence and advise pre-anesthetic blood testing as well as intravenous fluids during all our surgeries. This enables us to check you pets health status prior to anesthesia as well as keeping blood pressure up to ensure proper organ perfusion during surgery. 
Our theater surgeries recover within minutes once completed.
Pain relief is mandatory for all surgeries carried out at Centennial Park Veterinary Hospital.



Most procedures are carried out  at Citivet - Centennial Park. Very few cases are referred.

Referral services are available and  a specialist is periodically called upon to carry out surgery
Stifle repair surgery like TPLO and advanced orthopedic surgery is carried out by a visiting veterinary specialist surgeon.


Ivor prides himself as being an experienced veterinary surgeon and as such  has carried out many orthopedic procedures. From  simple fractures  in dogs, cats and other companion animals to more involved intricate pinning, plating and wiring techniques.

Anterior Cranial Cruciate repair / TPLO (Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy) is a procedure that can be carried out at in our operating theatre.

We call upon one of three experienced Specialist Veterinary Surgeons to do this. At considerably less cost than at a " Specialist Veterinary Hospital "

As with all our surgeries your pets safety, comfort and rapid recovery are paramount.

Pain relief is mandatory with all our surgeries. 



We carry out dog dental's and cat dental's daily.


Every dog and cat is different. Some pets will develop dental and gum disease easier an earlier than others.
It is well recognized that teeth are the most neglected health issue in our dog & cat population.

"out of sight, out of mind" .
Periodontal disease is the most frequently occurring clinical condition in dogs and cats.  Four out of five dogs and cats s over the age of three, will show signs of tooth and gum disease.
If there is any interface where bacteria and their toxins can enter the blood stream , it  happens here. Millions of bacteria  build up and thrive. When teeth and gums are diseased, bacteria can easily enter into the blood stream and get carried off to vital organs, as well as settle on the valves of the heart.

Pets with bad mouths are under constant challenge.

A smelly breath is a strong indicator of dental and gum disease. If you pets breath smell, have it seen to. Leaving this unattended to, may well reduce his or her lifespan.

Healthy gums & teeth, healthy life.  

If you want an opinion we are more than happy to do a Dental check free of charge.


We have excellent equipment to scale and polish your pets Teeth.

We recommend annual dental checks & if necessary, treatment & scaling. 


Contact the clinic for a free appraisal of your pets teeth. Our Dental's start from $330



 It is important for dogs and cats to chew. This helps keep their teeth strong and clean. It's also good "occupational therapy" Raw meaty bones (No joints) are good for your pets. Raw chicken wings, chicken necks are good for cats and small dogs. Feed appropriate sized bones. Turkey necks are better for medium and larger sized dogs. Chicken carcasses too.

Presenting raw meaty bones needs to be weighed up according to your pets eating habits. If your pet is a glutton and swallows it's food without much chewing, rather ask your vet for advice.

Raw meaty bones are nutritious. Cooked bones are not. They can wear and even  break your pets teeth and lead to constipation.


Cats are true carnivores. Their teeth are made for cutting through  meat and bone. A cats tongue is rough for a reason. It is very efficient at licking all the meat of the bone. Lions and all large cats have  rough tongue's as well. 


Dogs are omnivores. They have cutting teeth and crushing teeth. 



Citivet - Centennial Park has the latest advanced radiology equipment and facilities. We have the latest Digital processing  which is much quicker than film and chemical based radiology. We can have Xrays up within 30 seconds of being processed. Computerized radiology images can be sent instantly for specialist evaluation if needed. This is a very nice diagnostic toy.



Is only as good as the operator. We call in a specialist for ultrasound



Samples are sent to external laboratories. In most instances we get same day results.


We have spacious, secure and comfortable accommodation for the hospitalization of your dogs and cats. Most veterinary patients are just in for the day. Sometimes we have to hospitalize more ill patients for a few days and are able to do so.

Cat boarding:


The Cat Hotel -  Your cats comfort zone.


Cats are generally shy creatures and when they are in a new environment, all they want to do is hide. That is why they choose lofty places. It takes days for cats to become extrovert. 

Ivor has designed and built his catteries in all the facilities that he has owned. This has lead to his latest multi-storied Kitty Condos.


Our cattery is called "The Cat Hotel"


Here, your treasured cat will get breakfast in bed & bathroom on suite.

If your cat needs boarding for short or long periods please contact us on 9326-2666

If you intend boarding over the holiday period, book soon.


TLC for your VIP.


Our grooming service has become increasingly popular. We have been grooming pets for decades. 

We carry out medicated washes, flea washes and can brief you as to the best approach to diet and flea control, so that your furry friend's skin and coat can be at an optimum. 


Call us now  for an appointment. 9326-2666


Summer is here. Fleas and ticks are on the increase. Shorter functional clips are best during the summer. 

Behavior & Puppy Classes:

Our vets & consultants are available for a wide variety of behavior problems. Behavior is of particular interest to Ivor and Jackie. We use positive, effective techniques where families are educated together. We encourage our pets to have good manners, be friendly with adults and children and respond when instructed.


Our Classes are of the highest standard, and we follow Australian Pet Dog Trainers Assoc. (APDT) & Canine Good Citizen techniques. They are fun for your pets and for the whole family.


We are also available for private consultations and house calls. 


 Please phone if you wish to inquire or book your puppy in. 

Once again, Centennial Park Veterinary Hospital is dedicated to offering all our clients and their pets the very best compassionate veterinary health care available in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, NSW.


Emergency Vet Service Available:


If your pet needs immediate emergency veterinary attention during consulting hours,

please call the hospital on 9326-2666 for assistance. 


We are open 7 days. 


In the event of an out of hours emergency, call us first.


If we are not available please contact

Sydney Veterinary Specialists on 9197 5800 



Veterinary Specialist Surgical Service Available:


Please contact Citivet - Centennial Park on 9326 2666  for any inquiries.






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