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                        Spring Special            kitten desexing darlinghurst

Take advantage of our Spring Special promoting  responsible pet ownership.


Outdoor cats will tend to have a much larger roaming territory if they remain un-desexed. This means that they will be at a much higher risk of 

being hit by a car, or being in a cat fight. The risk of contracting Feline Immunodeficiency Virus ( Feline Aids ) is high. 


Un-desexed in-door cats will be inclined to mark /spray in-doors. 

We advise you to de-sex your cats.

We will de-sex your Male cat for

Click here if your kitten is in season ( near bondi vet )



Some conditions may apply. 



We de-sex cats daily


 Male Cat desexing  cost 




(for Healthy 6 - 12 month old male cats)

Take advantage NOW!






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